Beauty Shop by Rubab Shahid πŸ’“

People might think that make-over is used due to lack of self esteem. But the hidden truth is that it goes beyond  being a woman’s beauty aid.

Today where there is strong competition between originals and replicas of designer’s wears. There is also counteraction between dupe and real make over. You can see people selling branded make over kits in low costs. Does your mind accept that? 

Here’ Beauty Shop By RS πŸ’•

Rubab Shahid is a young entreprenuer who is aiding girls for Real Make-over. We had a little conversation. 

So here you go.
πŸ’„ How idea to start up a business occured in your mind?

R. The idea came from how most of the girls are stuck to buy original make-up in Pakistan. I’ve been a victim myself, getting low quality make-up from Pakistan’s well-renowned malls/places.

πŸ’„ Who is your biggest support?

R. Haha, I started this business on my own. The biggest support is my best friend, in my every success.

πŸ’„ Is it difficult to supervise

R. At times. Yes! Dealing with customers is tough at times.

πŸ’„ What is the main target behind this business?

R. Well, honestly I wanted to help each girl from the issues I have gone through. We can not find every brand here, and ofcourse the International shipping/delivery/taxes.

πŸ’„ Have you ever thought being a girl you can do all this?

R. This may sounds funny, but yes. I’m not a Job person. I knew if it must be something in future it will be my own business.

πŸ’„ Is there a race b/w dupes and real cosmetics? What people prefer?

R. Oh yes! There’s a lot of strife. You see. Dupes are less expensive and easily available. Whereas original is not really less expensive or available. There is a lot of competition in this market. A lot of pages claim to be original. And, making your work shine is bit difficult.

πŸ’„ Worst Comment?

R. A girl went outrageous and started speaking ill about the page. Later on, she realised her mistake.

πŸ’„ Best Comment?

R. Many. I’m so humbled the love people pour to me. Honestly, I know my page is not with super amazing likes, but I’ve received so much love and I’m happy to know. Yeah!!! I made into people’s heart.

πŸ’„ Any experience you want to share? Either good or bad?

R. Till now it’s amazing. Allah to be praised. πŸ˜‡

πŸ’„ How to differentiate between real and replica as the packing is same?

R.  Oh! It is too difficult in time of this advanced technology. One can never. There’s only one thing texture of the product. If you used original, you would know the next time buying same product. So the trick is, to find good pages. I don’t claim, except one thing. I’m doing which is not done, every brand under one place.

πŸ’„ Is it fun or stressful?

R. Both

πŸ’„ You get most of the orders from instagram or facebook?

R. I think Instagram is getting more and more attractive with its tool and people get to reach you easily. Whereas, facebook is a bit tricky. But, my team and I have been lucky with both platforms.




Stay blessed. πŸ˜‡



Heyya!!! Hope you all are enjoying and having fun!! 

I have decided to share some facts about various colours. Here’s part 1. Black!

Today, I am going to share what actually Black is!! A colour? A feeling? A thought? Whatsoever!!



✨ Black, the darkest of all colours has its own specialty and quality. Some link this colour with evil. Some say that it presents emptiness of one’s soul. It’s knows as symbol of grief. However, It’s the colour of our Holy Ka’abah which shows that its colour of power and strength.

The Holy Kabah close ups (3).JPG

✨ Colours are matched up with main elements like air and water, four seasons and four directions in Chinese culture, thereafter, black related with water, winter and north.

✨ Black is colour of mourning probably in West and East.

✨ Taxi cabs in England are painted black.


✨ Musicians wear black colour in concerts so that crowd is attentive to performers only.


✨ Black cat crossing path is considered as good luck in England whereas bad luck in the rest part of the world.

✨ Black is more attractive than white. People prefer black colour for different celebrations.


The ever young LANA DEL REY


And the most pretty EMMA WATSON.

✨ Chanel is one of the brand identified with colour black.


✨ One old wives’ tale claims that if a woman is buried wearing the color black, she will come back to haunt the family.


Yet, there are superstitions about this subtle colour. One should believe in concepts or methodology rather to live and cry over bloody superstitions. It is your will what you are up to. ✌
Stay Blessed you all πŸ’•

Rabtt_ Connecting Students

Rabtt foundation was founded in 2011. The main attempt is to develop critical thinking in students. The students who are getting education in low cost private schools and public schools. The aim is to broaden their vision and views.

This goal is achieved by conducting a 3-week summer camp, where students from 13 to 15 years are selected. This age group is chosen as it’s the best age to build confidence and uprooting their creativity. 

Rabtt Summer Camps (RSCs) employ volunteers from different universities and colleges for this purpose.


To promote critical thinking through educational camps, establishing a connection between different mindsets.

Rabtt Showcase:

The 7th Anual Rabtt showcase went really amazing. The kids did their best and showed their creativity and art. The efforts of volunteers were speechless. The friendly environment behind the stage was overwhelming. The last minute preperations, final rehearsals, stepping up on the stage and delivering to audience, all things were on nerves. 

Pak Pioneers Highschool and Aabroo High School got appreciation by the chief guest Mr. Kamran Lashari. 

Feedback :

More about Rabtt:

Contact info :

Call : 0333 4505972

Messenger : @rabtt

Email :

Website :


Omidyar Grant 2013 (South Asia Institute at Harvard University)

Stay tuned for upcoming events.

Stay blessed.

Fizzy Popsticks

Hi Lovelies.

Hope you all are enjoying summers greatly.

Do you know that feeling when you find the perfect lipstick for you? And you know that everytime you put it on, you feel really good? If you feel good, you look good.

My believe is that all women deserve to be appreciated, respected and admired. When a woman beautifies her appearance, an amazing thing happens. We can not go to salon on daily basis for minute skin treatments or other.

YouTube has provided platform to view vlogs and do it ourselves. So here’s the most talented makeup artist Fiza Ali.

 I had an answer questions session with her. So let me share here.

❇ What compelled you to do so?

Fiza : One of my inspiration is Khushal Beauty on YouTube as I have seen her channel from the beginning and she is just awesome.

❇ Is your family supportive? Biggest support?

Fiza: My dad is really admiring when it comes to filming make-up video. Infact, he bought me all the equipment such as the camera and tripod stand himself. However, my mum has her days when she wants me to be supportive, and when she does not. My siblimgs are alright.

❇ Best comment you ever recieved

Fiza: It was from a girl named Ruksana. She said she loves my skin and would like to see my full skincare routine. She also sounded very magnanimous.

❇ Worst comment till now

Fiza: I have actually got many bad comments, but they say you are not famous unless you got haters. It was from a girl who said that my voice is really bothersome. 

*Well you have an option to close my video girl, I clearly did not force you to see it*

❇ What gets under your skin,  the most regarding vlogs?

Fiza: I love making vlogs and editing videos is easy yet kind of annoying as I want my videos to be perfect. And, if they are not, I delete them. There are dozens of videos that I have not posted because they were not upto my standard. You need to add something amazing or funny so they look interesting.

❇ Favourite Make-Over Tip

Fiza: If you have a really dry skin like myself, always exfoliate your face before applying make-up because it gives the best result.

❇ Suggested make-up for summers

Fiza: My go to make-over in summers would be a nice bronzy look with popping highlight and nude lips.

❇ Recommendation for winters

Fiza: sharp winged eyeliner with bold lips.

❇Is making vlogs on YouTube helpful?

Fiza:  YouTube is time consuming. If you are passionate and have good ideas which will make your career keep going, then go for it.


Instagram: fizzy_popsticks

Stay Blessed you all. 

Seventeen by Rida

Creativity never lies out of box, it resides within a systematic framework and that is called perfection as well as innovation. Pakistani lifestyle, glamour and fashion industry is progressing towards excellence.
Our country is adored with such brilliant people who engaged themselves all nights and days to make us look pretty and fresh.

Seventeen by Rida is an emerging young talented brand. The designer is getting fame due to her exclusive hard work in party wear and pretline.

When it comes to eastern wear, her specialities lies in her hard work which differentiates eastern culture attirrs from pure western attire in colours and designs. The Spectular floral prints with ideal colour blend looks dainty.

This also.

Keeping the demands of costumers right in mind, she also launched western wear. Here it is.

They look majestic in their own way. Girls can set their wardrobe trendy and classy. Here’s another.

The unblemished skirts are finest for bridal showers.

Oh!! How can I forget birthdays?? Premium collection for birthday girls is also available.

The designs and prints make it worth wearing. 

Sofia Ahmed spotted.

The absolutely stunning Anna Leghari.

Like dresses, feedbacks are overwhelming too.

She responses in such a nice manner.

Shop seventeen.

Instagram : seventeen_byrida

Facebook :

Happy shopping. 

Stay blessed xx

The Largest Game of Thrones cake

Howdy all!!

The Game of Thrones fever is back. We can’t get enough of GoT. Excitement is on its peak. 

Somehwere, couples have themed their marriage ceremony. On the other hand, Got cafes are opened. Moreover, theme based birthdays are also celebrated.

But here’s the most shocking news. Broadway Bakery, Dubai baked the world’s expensive cake. It costed $27000 equivalent to 27 lacs in Pakistani currency. The famous fictional character Tyrion Lannister is seated on the throne. Its weight is almost 70 pounds which can feed 100 to 120 people at a time. This 4 feet delicious cake is formed with sugar paste and chocolate fondant. Swords are made seperately, one after another and then they are embedded on the chair. Even injuries on the character’s hands are clearly viewed. It is baked under supervision of two superchefs. 18 chefs worked in continuous 3 weeks to prepare it. 15 kg of Belgium Chocolate was used. 32 kg of edible gold was required to make its goblet.

According to the bakery, this cake is a tribute to Tyrion Lannister, the King of seven kingdoms.

Hope you guys like it.

Stay Blessed xx

Astonishing Facts about McDonald’s

Hi Everyone. Here are some of the facts about Mc. 

πŸ”΅ Mc opens a new restaurant after every 14.5 hours.

πŸ”΅ It is largest distributor of toys.

πŸ”΅ Queen of England owns a Mc near Buckingham Palace.

πŸ”΅ Mc used to sell pizza in 70s.

πŸ”΅ Bill Gates has The McGold Card for unlimited free fast food.

πŸ”΅ McNuggets come in 4 official shapes. Bell, bone, boot and ball.

πŸ”΅ It sells more than 75 Hamburgers per second.

πŸ”΅ Last but not the least (from my side), well, its  not the world’s largest restaurant chain. Subway is.

Hope you guys found it interesting.

Stay Blessed xx